Size Chart

What length do I need?

*Measure wrist size with a tape measure at the wrist ankle as tight as possible without pinching. Don't have a tape measure handy? Then measure the circumference with a string or cable and then place it next to a ruler.


19cm 15 - 17 cm
21cm 17 - 19 cm
23cm 19.5 - 22 cm

How can I measure the length correctly?

1. Measure wrist circumference with tape measure - Measure wrist circumference tightly with tape measure. Add the specified allowance to the wrist circumference. (E.g. 19.5 cm wrist circumference + 1.5 cm addition = 21 cm order length.)

2. Measure wrist circumference with strips of paper - if you don't have a flexible tape measure, you can also cut a strip of paper out of a sheet of paper. Place the paper strip on your wrist and mark the place where your wrist is wrapped 1 time. Lay the strip of paper flat on the table and measure it to the mark using a ruler. Add the specified allowance to the wrist circumference.

Watch out for:

1. The lengths always include the part of the clasp that is still visible after the bracelet is closed. The clasp is part of the bracelet and varies for each bracelet model.

2. The length of a bracelet is not the same as the wrist circumference. Depending on the thickness of the leather, the length can be up to 4 cm longer than the circumference.

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